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GameProIt's always sad when a familiar brand is taken out back and shot.  Long-standing video gaming magazine and website GamePro is shutting down in a few days following a sudden announcement.

Thank you for your loyalty, support, and participation in the community. At noon on December 5, 2011, the U.S. version of GamePro online will shut down as an independent site. GamePro will become part of offering gaming news, reviews, and how-tos from the PCWorld team. Thank you to the entire GamePro staff for their hard work and dedication.

I'm surprised by the announcement, but can't say I'm totally shocked.  While GamePro has/had some solid talent working for it (at least one former Kombo staffer transitioned there), the site never quite found its unique identity in the gaming community.  Even back when it was a strange magazine reeking of the 1980s, it never quite knew what it wanted to be (even last year's relaunch wasn't quite the shot in the arm the brand needed).  Their coverage was always dependable and well-written, however.  Here's hoping that the GamePro staff will land elsewhere with better horizons ahead.  Surely someone will hire Scary Larry.