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Custom Nintendo 3DS Cases From New Zealand Are Neat

Mario caseThere are plenty of traditional mass-produced retail options for protecting your Nintendo 3DS, but what if you're looking for something a little more original?  Something individually hand-crafted?  Something from New Zealand, even?  When a fashion designer and a Nintendo fan team up, the result is an Etsy shop offering a variety of custom 3DS cases featuring iconic video game characters.  Totally unauthorized?  You bet.  Still, they are neat designs.  Says half of the team, Ki, about he and how his girlfriend Ivy became involved with the project:

We did a quick search for cases already for sale and found a bunch of really girly and poorly made cases. Nothing, I as a gamer would ever consider buying. We were sure we could make some cases that were better quality and also that gamers would like.  We've been making them ever since.

Now, I've never seen one of these cases in person and I'm not endorsing them beyond admiring the artwork, but when I told Ki and Ivy that I wanted to show some off their work, they offered to give PTB readers 10% off purchases through November 18, 2011.  Just use coupon code PRESSTHEBUTTONS during checkout.