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Chrono Trigger History Changed By Madman With A Box

Square-Enix's classic RPG Chrono Trigger thrives on time travel tropes, one of which is the ability for the player to determine alternate endings to the amazing saga.  The eater of planets, Lavos, sparks a silent protagonist and his friends from across time into spanning history in order to set right what is going to go wrong, and depending on how and when Lavos is destroyed, a variety of possible future unfold.  Up until now the game basically ends with hero Crono defeating the devourer in most of the endings, but Dorkly posits a better finale that I think I'm going to accept as canonical from now on.  What if Lavos isn't really the villain of Chrono Trigger?  What if he's really just a lost alien creature trying to go home?  You'll never see the game the same way again once The Doctor in the TARDIS from the BBC's long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who arrives to save the day.  Look out for the bipedal dalek!