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Weekly Poll: I Want My XTV

Weekly Poll for 9-26-2011In a stunning upset, Luigi is the more popular of the Mario brothers!  Way to go for the green guy, although my allegiance still falls to Mario.  That red-capped plumber and I have been through too much together for me to vote otherwise.  Note that Wario and Waluigi have a small following of their own, however.  Some people are just drawn to greed and the colors orange and purple.

Moving on to more serious matters, Microsoft announced today that it is partnering with a variety of familiar television programming brands to bring television channels to the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live.  Soon you'll be able to watch channels such as HBO, Syfy, and Bravo along with services such as Comcast, YouTube, and VEVO.  Do you have any interest in these new offerings?  Will you watch these channels on your Xbox 360?  Is this new service the final push you need to spring for Xbox Live Gold?  Or is it just more of the same and of complete disinterest to you?  Let's hear your thoughts.