Grand Theft Auto V Reveal Coming Next Week
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Weekly Poll: The Next Stolen Car

Weekly Poll for 10-11-2011A large majority of you believe that Apple will keep calm and carry on following the death of Steve Jobs.  We tend to deify influential people in this business, and while his passing is terrible news, it's not like he was the only creative person at the company.  Apple will press on with new things.  I don't think there's any need to worry about that.  I'm sure that new CEO Tim Cook has plenty of forward-thinking ideas in mind.  Have you heard about his plans for new printers?

Moving on, noted developer Rockstar Games is less than a week away from debuting its first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.  Some of my friends remarked that they were pretty much done with the GTA franchise following the ridiculously large and detailed Grand Theft Auto IV.  Are you interested in the next installment?  Are you ready to steal cars and shoot people for fun?  Or have you moved on to other things?  Let's hear your thoughts.