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Weekly Poll: Rotten Apple

Weekly Poll for 10-06-2011 There's supremely little interest in Microsoft's new IPTV service for its Xbox 360 console.  Lacking an Xbox and services with Microsoft's partners such as Comcast and Verizon, I won't be subscribing to the service and have no interest in it.  However, I can see value in it if you already have access to the services being offered.  That said, if you already subscribe to everything required, the Xbox 360 service just provides another outlet to provide material that you can already access through your cable box.  There's something neat happening here, but on the whole it does seem a little redundant and unnecessary.

Moving on, there's a concern in the Internet community that Apple will lose its way following the death of its creative driving force, Steve Jobs.  Do you believe that post-Jobs Apple will continue to succeed?  Will the company lose its vision with new CEO Tim Cook at the helm?  Let's hear your thoughts.  For more on Steve Jobs's death, be sure to listen to Episode 65 of Power Button.