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Netflix Streaming Disc For PS2 Discovered

NetflixBack in the old days of Netflix streaming services, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii owners had to use a special disc provided by the company to access the Instant Watch service.  These discs were eventually phased out in favor of embedded solutions, but there's still one place where the antiquated technology is still in use and it's for a console that you may not expect.  GameSetWatch has a look at the rare Instant Watch disc for the PlayStation 2.

Similar to the ones that were produced for the Wii and PS3 a few years back, the PS2 variant was created exclusively for the Brazilian market. Someone in America was able to get their hands on the super rare disc, who then ripped it and put it online.

For those interested, you'll have to track it down yourself, and a modded console is also necessary. But those with both have reported an experience that's remarkably like the PS3's, except nothing's in HD. Which shouldn't be a shocker.

It surprises me that this variant of the disc is a Brazilian exclusive.  Considering the PS2's massive install base in North America, it seems like a Netflix disc for the aging console would be a popular offering.  After all, the Wii's successful availablity of Instant Watch proves that streaming on a video game console need not be in high definition.  It's understandable why Sony and Netflix chose to pass on offering it though.  Sony would much rather sell PS3s than PS2s at this point, and offering Netflix on PS3 is a major selling point.  Some may even see it as a reason to upgrade to the modern console.  While there may be a demand for a PS2 Netflix disc outside of Brazil, it's not really in Sony's best interest to offer it.  Brazil, on the other hand, clings to older technology for a very long time.  Look how successful the Sega Master System was long after that console was dead everywhere else in the world.