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Hello, Batman? Joker Calling!

The recently released Batman: Arkham City for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 (PC version coming soon!) is packed with all kinds of awesomeness, but one of the best parts of the game comes in the form of voicemail messages left for Batman by the Joker himself.  Throughout the game the Clown Prince of Crime calls the Dark Knight and offers his thoughts on the current progress of the story as Batman attempts to survive inside the walls of Arkham City.  Check out these messages and enjoy Mark Hamill's final performance as the one and only Joker.  There are some spoilers here; in fact, I stopped this video midway through in order to avoid hearing messages that I haven't encountered in the game yet.  I love the absurdity of a villain leaving exasperated messages for the hero to return his calls.  Joker is really the only character that can get away with this.  Penguin sending e-mails or Mr. Freeze waiting on hold just wouldn't have the same impact.