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G4 Was Nearly Dismantled By Ryan Seacrest

G4Say what you will about cable television's G4, but there's always a worse option waiting in the wings.  While G4's brand of programming and coverage doesn't always appeal to the sophisticated video game enthusiast, the channel does at least focus on video games.  That nearly came to an end as Ryan Seacrest (of American Idol, among other things) tried to buy and rebrand the channel to focus on his own productions.  Relax, G4 fans.  Negotiations between Seacrest and G4's owner, Comcast, fell apart not too long ago.  Attack Of The Show will go on.  So what exactly did Seacrest and his people want to put on the channel?  Here's the New York Post with a quick summary:

Seacrest hasn’t given up on is cable ambitions. A source said the group continues to have conversations with other big media and cable companies about its concept. In addition to his “Idol” gig on Fox, Ryan Seacrest Productions is the force behind E!’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” He also has a $20 million radio deal with Clear Channel.  AEG wants to find a cable home to air concert footage from its properties, including the Best Buy Theater in Times Square and The Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Even if you're not a G4 fan, we all dodged a bullet here.  There's already more than enough complete junk on television.  Do we really need a channel devoted to more?  G4 isn't perfect, but it's better than brainless reality shows and whatever passes for popular music these days.  I want to see G4 improved, not dismantled by the man who foisted the Kardashian family on us all.

Yes, you can all get off my lawn.