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Annual Castlevania Musical Moment Marks Halloween

DraculaIt just isn't Halloween here at Press The Buttons without an annual presentation of interesting lore from Konami's classic Castlevania franchise.  This year I've dug up a bizarre arrangement of the familiar "Vampire Killer" theme that's heavy on gothic organ and a snappy percussion beat, but what makes it stand out is the recurring narration from Count Dracula himself.  As the song plays out, Dracula welcomes "Mr. Vampire Killer" to his castle and explains why vampires feast upon humans while giving orders to his minions to "devour the flesh and suck the blood of humanity".  This cut arranged by Tsukasa Masuko comes from the Castlevania Tribute: Volume 1 album released by Konami earlier this year, and while there are plenty of other tracks on this release that do the franchise justice, none are stranger or contain more monologues than this one.  Good night out there whatever you are!