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Super Mario 3D Land Brings The Joy In New Trailer

Super Mario 3D LandI don't think that you can say that Nintendo's upcoming 3DS release Super Mario 3D Land doesn't remember its roots.  The company released some new screenshots and box art today that shows that while the game has plenty of new content, there are some returning elements that will make everyone who lived and breathed Super Mario games over the past twenty-five years smile uncontrollably.  We already knew that the Tanooki Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 will return this November (notice Mario's shadow on the box art), but what about the classic flagpole and castle from the original Super Mario Bros.?  There's also the cannons from Super Mario 64 and the series-wide springy musical note blocks to await with anticipation.  Yes, I think the 3DS will finally get on track once this game reaches the eager audience.  After all, how can you not love imagery like this?:

Super Mario 3D Land

If the 3DS is ever going to have a "shut up and take my money" moment, this is it.  Check out the new trailer and be prepared to grin.