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For as long as there has been Metroid (twenty-five years for those of you keeping score at home), there have been attempts to find crazy passwords that manipulate the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game in strange, mysterious, or amusing ways.  Consider the old JUSTIN BAILEY code that swaps heroine Samus Aran iconic power suit for a leotard, for instance, or SAMUS BEATS MOTHER BRAIN which removes Mother Brain from the game entirely.  Then there's a new password that avid Metroid enthusiasts have uncovered for the new Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console version of the game that was given to 3DS Ambassadors yesterday, but it won't give you an edge against Space Pirates like Ridley or Kraid.  Metroid apparently wants none of your rude talk because there's a profane password that, if entered, will crash the 3DS hardware itself.  Let's all have a juvenile laugh at the strange behavior of the password ENGAGE RIDLEY MOTHER FUCKER.  Here's GameSetWatch with the implications of the naughty code:

While early speculation suggested that the crash could result in homebrew-enabling buffer overflow exploits, any such loopholes are unlikely, given that Virtual Console games run in a virtual environment of sorts, and that system commands be restored by ejecting the SD card. Still, it's a neat little trick that you can show off to your friends, if nothing else, and having the power to cuss an NES game into oblivion is reward enough in itself.

The password also crashes the game in certain NES emulators, though it produces different results in others. From what I could gather, it also crashes the original cartridge version, resets the game in the Metroid Zero Mission edition, and is not accepted at all in the emulated Wii release. The more famous "NARPAS SWORD" and "JUSTIN BAILEY" codes remain unaffected in the 3DS Virtual Console version of Metroid. So, cheaters are fine. But potty mouths are not welcome.

Ah, elementary school humor!  What I really like about this story is that if there was ever going to be a video game console that would metaphorically take its ball and go home if you cursed at it, it would be made by Nintendo.  Here's a video of the password in action so you don't have to crash your 3DS in the name of curiosity.