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Best Buy sales flyer from September 15, 1996

Rev up your DeLorean and engage your Epoch because it's time to back in time fifteen years to see what the big name items were at your local neighborhood Best Buy.  I'm sure we can get a heck of a deal on some cutting edge electronics!  Via Reddit, here we have a Best Buy sales flyer from September 15, 1996 in which lightning fast Pentium computers from Packard Bell for a mere $2000 will make any multimedia room sing, VHS tapes are now available in that new-fangled widescreen format, and the biggest video games of the day are Madden '97 for the Sony PlayStation, Mega Man X for the PC (only $10!), and Wheel Of Fortune for the Sega Genesis.  What a time to be alive!  Browse around and take a walk down technology memory lane.  Only $70 for a pager, and be sure that your new four-head video cassette recorder includes VCR+ functionality!