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It Ain't Easy Being Luigi

It Sucks To Be Weegie!

It can't be fun to live in Mario's shadow.  If you were the brother of Nintendo's most famous hero, how would you manage?  What would you do?  It can't be easy to be Luigi.  Check out Interrobang Studios for the web comic series "It Sucks To Be Weegie!" in which everyone's second favorite plumber tries to make the best of the situation with the help of his friends Princess Daisy and Link.  Plenty of other Nintendo characters make cameos including Rosalina, Waluigi, Pauline, and even Fox McCloud, while Mario himself never actually appears.  Follow Luigi's milquetoast adventures as he commiserates with a Goomba, tries to pick up Donkey Kong's girlfriend in a bar, attends Captain Falcon's party, fails to be taken seriously by Bowser's troops, and is threatened by Baby Peach.  The artwork by Kevin Bolk gives the characters a fun level of personality and the gaming in-jokes will keep you smiling beyond each comic's punchline.