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You Still Can't Own These Gaming Collectibles

Watara SupervisionEvery few months or so, Platypus Comix brings us a look at a variety of video game-related collectibles that are so unique that you'll most likely never own them.  We've seen ancient Metroid cookies and golden Game Boy Pockets in previous installments, but this third edition takes us into uncharted territory with development kits capable of playing pirated games, promotional items that were supposed to remain secret for some reason (so why bother promoting?), oversize shipping crates, store kiosks from days gone by, autographed hardware signed by people who aren't involved in the industry outside of licensing, and so much more.  Here's a sample:


This hard-to-find peripheral, released years before Super Game Boy, will allow you to play your Watara Supervision on the TV, in glorious four-tone color!


....But what's a Watara Supervision?

eBay Price: $200

I'm glad you asked!  Released in 1992 as a cheap competitor to Nintendo's Game Boy, the Supervision sported a variety of handheld titles such as Super Pang, Happy Race, Dancing Block, Recycle Design, Witty Cat, Journey to the West, John Adventure, and a number of other games with comical Engrish that will fail to instill you with confidence or interest.  Needless to say, it didn't last long in the market up against the likes of Super Mario and Mega Man.  So while can you can not own the complete Supervision experience, I don't think that you'll lose any sleep over it.  Rest in peace, Witty Cat.