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Weekly Poll: The Last Great Arcade

Weekly Poll for 8-23-2011Most of you out there aren't going to buy a new Nintendo 3DS or Sony PlayStation 3 now that the price has dropped, but out of those of you who are, the 3DS is your system of choice.  It's a fine choice, but those previously mentioned worthwhile games need to hurry up and release already.  Mario's Picross on Virtual Console can only take me so far. 

Moving on to other things, I recently shared the sad story of visiting a pitiful video game arcade at a dead mall.  Things haven't improved since then; Nicole and I spent a decent chunk of last Saturday driving around the area tracking down what turned out to be false leads and ghosts.  Eventually we found a place with a few failing machines in similar condition as Fantasy Arcade, but set to free play, so things weren't quite as dire.  Is it really so difficult to find a well-kept arcade with modern games such as F-Zero AX, Mario Kart GP, and Super Street Fighter IV in addition to working classics?  All of this arcade hunting has me wondering when the last time you visited an arcade.  How long has it been?  Months?  Years?  A decade?  Have you ever been at all?  And it has to be a real arcade.  A dusty Pac-Man machine in the corner of a pizza joint doesn't count.  Let's hear about your experiences.  Meanwhile, the search continues...