Power Button - Episode 59: Ya-Gadda-Lower-Da-Price-Of-Da-Vita
Nintendo Adds More Titles To Budget Wii Line

Weekly Poll: The Forgotten Milesone

Weekly Poll for 8-8-2011The majority of you out there don't want a Sony PlayStation Vita, so the launch delay doesn't matter to you.  Of those who do want one, most of you can wait.  I'm alright with waiting until next year.  I've already spent enough this year on handheld gaming with the Nintendo 3DS, so as I said on Episode 59 of Power Button, I'm not in any rush to spend another few hundred dollars on pocket-sized gaming this year.  It's best to spread this stuff out from the consumer perspective.  I want a Vita, but I'm patient and can hold out for as long as it takes.

As I talked about last week, many Nintendo franchises besides The Legend of Zelda are enjoying anniversaries this year that are divisible by five.  Metroid and Kid Icarus are also celebrating their twenty-fifth years, while Donkey Kong has hit its thirtieth anniversary. Animal Crossing and Pikmin each turn ten, while Nester's Funky Bowling celebrates its fifteenth year.  However, only Zelda is getting the big anniversary celebration treatment.  Which of the other franchises hitting a milestone this year would you like to see get some time in the spotlight?  Let's hear your thoughts.