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Sonic CD Speeding Back With New Features

Sega's Sonic CD has never quite been re-released in such as way as to showcase its true amazingness, but now Sega is bringing the game back for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC as well as a variety of mobile platforms (including iOS; in fact, this entire project may have spun from that proof of concept port of Sonic CD to the iPhone two years ago).  Sonic Retro notes that this release has community involvement to help bring the game into the twenty-first century.

The title isn’t the usual port job with the ugly blue borders seen in Sega’s Vintage Collection series, including true widescreen support thanks to community member The Taxman’s Retro Engine.  It goes without saying (but will be said anyway) that achievements will be supported, in case you want to show off your massive Sonic CD skills to the world. Additional features, according to The Taxman, include a soundtrack that loops properly along with the option to choose if you want the original style Sonic CD Spin Dash or one closer to Sonic 2‘s spin dash. Choose wisely as it also affects the behavior of the camera in-game.  The trailer further brings an additional surprise that the International soundtrack (read: the soundtrack the U.S. didn’t get) will be included in the release.

It sounds like this could be the ultimate reworking of Sonic CD designed to feature as many things as possible to please fans.  Widescreen support is greatly appreciated (the recent Sonic Adventure port to modern hardware didn't even have that which I still feel is a disappointment), while the inclusion of the famed international soundtrack is even more of a coup.  I look forward to seeing if this enhanced version lives up to its potential when it hits digital distribution services this holiday season.