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OverClocked Remix Battles The Robot Masters

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Mega Man games come and go (mostly go these days), but the classic music from the original blue bomber series lives forever, particularly when fans with musical talent remix and rearrange the themes of the various Robot Master characters into a variety of styles.  Over at OverClocked Remix, the second annual Grand Robot Master Remix Battle contest challenged remixers to take two different Robot Master stage themes and meld them together into a single composition.  If you've ever wondered what Ground Man's theme mixed into Nitro Man's theme would sound like or whether or not Flash Man and Toad Man have compatible background music, then this is the event for you.  The contest is over, but the fifty-seven remixes that were created for it live on, and now you can download them all free of charge to enjoy at your leisure.  There are some fantastic creations in this year's collection, so in order to give you a little nudge towards listening to them all, I want to share my five favorite entries.  You won't acquire any weapons by checking them out, but they will get caught in your brain for a few days.

"GroundBased" (Nitro Man vs. Ground Man) - ProtoTypeRaptor

"Switchblade Fangs" (Snake Man vs. Blade Man) - Jakesnke17

"Blowin'em Outta The Water" (Bubble Man vs. Wind Man) - TheGuitahHeroe

"Jumping Flash!" (Toad Man vs. Flash Man) - AeroZ

"Save A Horse (Ride A Transformer)" (Hard Man vs. Nitro Man) - Hylian Lemon

(via The Mega Man Network)