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Mega Man Soccer Finally Ends

An underwhelming thing happened at the end of Capcom's Mega Man Soccer for the Super NES: nothing.  It's quite the letdown, really.  The reward one gets for playing all the way through what feels like a rushed, unfinished product is absolutely nothing.  The game simply returns players to the title screen after the final match.  Despite the game basic plot featuring Mega Man and Dr. Wily settling their differences on the soccer field instead of the battlefield, the tale has no real in-game resolution.  Now, thanks to the efforts documented at The Cutting Room Floor, we can finally see the lost ending that's hidden in the game's data, but never actually triggered by any action available to players.  Not only that, but there are graphics for a playable Dr. Wily team, an orphaned cutscene featuring Proto Man, and a few other minor exclusions such as four-player support.  It's interesting stuff that sheds a little light on what this game could have been had it reached its full development potential.

(via The Mega Man Network)