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It's Ice To See Mr. Freeze In Batman: Arkham City

Adding to the list of Batman's famous Rogues' Gallery members that will appear in the upcoming Batman: Arkham City for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC, Mr. Freeze has made his trailer debut in which we get to see and hear the cold-hearted villain threaten Batman if he doesn't carry out an assignment.  As my pal Joey Davidson points out over at TechnoBuffalo, Freeze is brought to virtual life by renowned voice actor Maurice LaMarche.

[H]e’s worked his voice over magic in an incredible amount of roles. The one that stunned me and will likely ruin his work in everything else? He plays The Brain from Pinky & the Brain.

LaMarche's work goes way beyond just Pinky & The Brain.  Among other things, he's also the modern voice of both Yosemite Sam and Orson Welles, the world's smartest garbageman on the short-lived Dilbert animated series, Egon Spengler of The Real Ghostbusters, Jay Sherman's Australian pal Jeremy Hawk on The Critic, Chief Quimby of Inspector Gadget, and many of the recurring characters on Futurama (including Morbo; The Big Brain; Calculon; Kif Kroaker; two-thirds of the Robot Mafia; the narrator on The Scary Door; Hedonism Bot; and Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei VIII).  Considering LaMarche's extensive list of familiar past credits, I think we're in excellent hands when it comes to Mr. Freeze.