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Back To The Future: The Game Coming To Retail (Or: Tell Me Doctor, Where Are Wii Going This Time?)

Back To The Future: The GameEveryone who was disappointed that Telltale Games was unable to bring Back To The Future: The Game to the Nintendo Wii should pay attention to the news that the company has struck a publishing agreement with Nintendo that will result in Marty McFly's latest adventure arriving at retail on a disc in a box in October.  Heavy stuff!  A similar deal with Sony will also bring the game to stores around the same time, and other Telltale Games (such as the upcoming Jurassic Park) are sure to follow.  This agreement has been long overdue.  Telltale's titles are simply too good to remain digital distribution exclusives, and while some of the company's games have been to retail before, Telltale wasn't the company behind the ports.  For instance, Atari butchered Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space when it ported the series to the Wii.  I'd link you to my review of the game at Kombo if Kombo were still around, but this video of the Wii port that I captured will have to do.  Here's hoping that Telltale's own conversions end up much, much better than this:

And while we're talking about Telltale and Back to the Future, I might as well mention that those of us who bought the PC version of the game via digital distribution can now order a boxed DVD version of the game directly from the company for just the cost of shipping.  There's also a deluxe package that includes some bonus pack-ins such as a shirt and an art book.  Now, when is Season 2 of the series coming out?