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And Now, Some Half-Assed Video Game Reviews

WarioLet's be honest: reviewing a video game is hard work.  No, wait, check that: writing a video game review is hard work.  Sometimes the writing and reviewing process is such a massive, soul-crushing undertaking that the end result is... oh, how to put this delicately... half-assed.  Over on Twitter, a bunch of folks are tweeting their favorite hypothetical half-assed review snippets.  Here's a sample:

Metacritic gave this game a glowing score! - starven

Guide to writing a Call Of Duty review: take last year's review and update the subtitle with this year's name. - PressTheButtons

If you loved the last one, you'll want to play the latest game in the series! - whatthegeek

This title is the second in a trilogy, which is always the best one.  - ZenMonken

"... which means that Metroid must summon all of his courage and confront the Mother Brain with his powerful energy gun."  - PressTheButtons

It doesn't allow you to invert the Y axis. 2/10 - RyanDJGNation

Got tired of waiting for the install to finish. Box art looks sweet.  - piratesyar

Rent it, see if you like it. 7/10. - Jim_Crikey

I'd have to fire up my computer, install windows updates, install the game, patch the game. Who has time for that? 4/10 - starven

"You'll love seeing Solid Snake back in action in Metal Gear Solid 2."  - PressTheButtons

Final Fantasy XIII is one greater than Final Fantasy XII, so it must be better. - crunchychocobo

I watched a few videos of other people playing - looks like an 8 out of 10 to me. - whatthegeek

Why not give it a try and come up with your own piece of a half-assed video game review?  If tweeting, be sure to use the hashtag #HalfAssedReviews to join the fun.