Nintendo 3DS Price Drops To $170 In August; Current 3DS Owners Entitled To Free Games
Power Button - Episode 57: The First 3DS Price Cut Is The Deepest

Weekly Poll: Well, That Was Fast

Weekly Poll for 7-18-2011There's plenty of disappointment out there towards Capcom regarding the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 for the Nintendo 3DS.  I think we've been around and around on this one enough, so I'll just point you towards Episode 56 of Power Button if you'd like to hear my complete thoughts on the matter.  For the record, while I wasn't especially interested in the game, I'm sorry to see it go for the sake of all of the Legends fans out there.  Maybe some future iteration of Capcom management will revive the title down the line. 

Speaking of the 3DS, with the upcoming price drop on the way, plenty of opinions are floating around out there.  Where do you fall on the spectrum?  Are you ready to buy a 3DS now that it's going to be $170?  Are you disgusted at paying the so-called "early adopter tax"?  Are you looking forward to the twenty free games that Nintendo will give to all existing 3DS owners?  Let's hear your thoughts.