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Power Button - Episode 54: Back To Hyrule

Weekly Poll: Stuck In The Past

Weekly Poll for 7-05-2011

There's an even split when it comes to satisfaction regarding Nintendo's commemorative Super Mario Bros. pins for Platinum members of Club Nintendo.  My take on it all is that while I would have liked to have seen something more impressive and displayable (or functional) as a bonus reward, in the end the Mario pins seem rather neat and they are free, so I suppose I'm happy with them.  Nintendo can't please everybody, but somehow I'd have expected that they could have pleased more people than they have with this.

Speaking of Nintendo, on Episode 54 of Power Button, Brad Hilderbrand and I discuss past and present Legend of Zelda adventures and how the franchise seems to be stuck in a creative rut.  Do you believe that the series is broken and in need of a revamp?  Are you ready for the revitalization of Link?  Or is Hyrule just fine the way it is?  Let's hear your thoughts.