Capcom Cancels Mega Man Legends 3
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Weekly Poll: Legends Never Die (Unless They Do)

Weekly Poll for 7-11-2011 There's almost an even split regarding whether or not Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series is in need of some revitalization.  I believe that the Zelda formula needs some attention, but I don't think that it needs to be scrapped.  I've been replaying Link's Awakening over the past two weeks and it still holds up for me today, but I've barely touched the re-released Ocarina of Time.  My takeaway from this is that what Zelda needs to do is pick up the pace.  Awakening moves at a pretty good clip.  There's no Hyrule Field-type environment to traverse on the way to the next objective.  The overworld is packed with intrigue and mystery instead of being just an enemy spawning ground.  Something is always happening in Awakening, while Ocarina and the other games that follow its formula often feature stretches where Link is just on his way from Point A to Point B.  If The Legend of Zelda needs anything, it needs to take off the metaphorical iron boots, get over its hub world obsession, and get back on track (and I don't mean a train).

Speaking of legends in need of assistance, Capcom disappointed fans worldwide recently when it pulled the plug on the long-percolating Mega Man Legends 3 for the Nintendo 3DS.  Were you looking forward to the sequel more than a decade in waiting?  Were you invested in the project?  Are you sad to see it gone?  Let's hear your thoughts.