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The Penguin And Solomon Grundy Move Into Arkham City

It seems that Batman: Arkham City for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC cannot arrive quickly enough, as Rocksteady Studios and and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released another trailer showing more of the game in action.  Today's slice of action showcases The Penguin and his Iceberg Lounge (both of which were alluded to in Batman: Arkham Asylum) in which the metaphorically feathered field is recruiting an army of the best that the worst has to offer.  Game Informer offers this splendid description of this incarnation of the character:

Rocksteady's interpretation of the character maintains the character's trademark top hat and cane, while adding an interesting bit of flair. The cigar-smoking villain has clearly seen better days, as demonstrated by the device implanted on his throat. The trailer doesn't make much of it, but during the E3 demo we saw it periodically distorted his speech. That hasn't seemed to change the way his followers think about him, however, and the goons are more than willing to throw down with Batman to impress the boss.

The trailer's big reveal, however, involves the appearance of Solomon Grundy.  Born on a Monday, this zombie villain was originally a Green Lantern foe before branching out into other parts of the DC universe.  Grundy seems to be Penguin's final card in the effort to take down Batman.  We'll find out in October if he's successful (prediction: he's not).  I don't know who is providing Grundy's voice in this adventure, but when Grundy appeared on Cartoon Network's Justice League animated series last decade, his voice was performed by Mark "The Joker" Hamill, so if I had to guess...