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Rock-Men Prepare To Rock, Mega Man Style

The music of Capcom's Mega Man franchise is immensely catchy and fun, so it's only natural that musicians worldwide have enjoyed remixing and rearranging it.  To that end, we shouldn't be surprised when Capcom's own sound team wants to get in on the fun.  We've heard official remix albums from the company before, but the upcoming We Are Rock-Men album sounds like it'll be the best yet.  Check out this sample, for instance.  Isn't that the most rocking version of Dark Man's fortress theme from Mega Man 5 that you've ever heard?  The album is due out on September 21 in Japan for ¥2,100 and will feature fifteen tracks from the Mega Man and Mega Man X franchises.  Here's hoping that this one makes it overseas eventually.  It sounds as if the Rock-Men live up to their collective name.

(via The Mega Man Network)