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Nintendo 3DS Price Cut On The Way In Canada

Walmart flyerCanadians who have been waiting for the price of the Nintendo 3DS to drop before picking one up may want to get to Walmart in the next week where the cost of buying into Nintendo's 3D revolution is rolling back by about fifty dollars through at least August 2.  I only mention this because the timing of this price drop comes right on the heels of yesterday's madness regarding calling a temporary halt to 3DS sales.  The Internet conspiracy brigade was certain that the Amazon action meant that the 3DS was on its way out for some reason.  Now Walmart is dropping the price in what some could assume is a way of clearing out existing stock.  I still don't believe that these are signs of some kind of impending 3DS revision or change in strategy, but if another major retailer does something unexpected with the 3DS this week, I may have to be fitted for a foil hat of my own. 

(via VisionaryLight)