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Make Eggs, Throw Eggs, Call It Art

Make Eggs, Throw Eggs Yoshi and Baby Mario made a magnificent team in Yoshi's Island for the Super NES (provided that Baby Mario wasn't knocked off of Yoshi's back, of course), and Deviantartist Lawlzy has done an exquisite job capturing the two heroes as they march their way towards Kamek and Baby Bowser at the end of World 6 in order to rescue Baby Luigi.  Yoshi's Island has always been one of those games that you cannot play without smiling, and this piece of artwork understands that truth completely.  You also can't look at this piece, "Make Eggs, Throw Eggs", without grinning from ear to ear.  Be sure to notice Poochie in the background along with an assortment of island locals.  How long has it been since you last played Yoshi's Island?  Too long, I bet.  Why not take the rest of the day and go fix that?