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Giant 3DS Mii AR Card Now Available From Club Nintendo

Giant Mii AR CardIt was only a few months ago that Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata pledged to bring a giant-sized augmented reality Mii card for the Nintendo 3DS to the masses so that everyone can enjoy posing one's 3DS Mii at a life-size scale.  Now the promise has been fulfilled, as Club Nintendo has added a giant AR Mii card to the catalog of rewards.  For just 200 coins you too can get an AR card that spans 28.5" L x 18.25" W for bringing your Mii to life.  Better yet, the other size of the card features a similarly-sized Super Mario image to bring the plumber himself into your virtual world at a massive scale.  I predict that there will be a lot of crazy 3DS photos posted online in the weeks ahead of giant characters getting up to no good.