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Destroy All Robots With Free Robokill

RobokillThe robots will eventually rise up and destroy our civilization.  This is a known fact.  I have seen our terrible future and it ends with a steel foot trampling our children.  However, you can try to fight back if you want, and if you hurry then you can rebel against the mechanical threat for free.  As announced first on Power Button last week, from now through Friday you can take the fight to the robots with a free download of the iPhone game Robokill from Wandake and Sourcebits.  As you may recall from previous podcast chatter, Robokill is the twin-stick[less] shooter in which players attempt to liberate Titan Prime from a cadre of murderous robots.  It's a fun diversion and at a price of zero it's really hard to go wrong with it.  Give it a try before the metal ones come for you and the ones that you love.