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Weekly Poll: Generational

Weekly Poll for 6-20-2011Of those of you with a Nintendo 3DS, most of you have bought (or will buy) Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.  I picked mine up at launch despite having plenty of games to fill my gaming time because I wanted the free soundtrack from Club Nintendo, and after some nonsense in which the offer expired a mere day after it began, I did eventually receive e-mail confirmation that my disc will be sent out sooner or later.  I'm glad Nintendo stepped up and made this right.  There were too many frustrated fans left in the cold over this one.  I haven't even had the chance to play the game yet, come to think of it.  If not for the freebie, I might have even held off for a bit.

Moving on to other old favorites brought back, Sega released a time-limited demo of Sonic Generations for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 last week that still has another few weeks left on it.  If you had the opportunity to play it, what did you think of the experience?  Did it bring back those warm fuzzy Sega Genesis memories?  Are you actually excited about a Sonic title for the first time in a decade?  Or has Sega missed the mark with Sonic yet again?  Let's hear your thoughts.