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The Secret Guide To Transfarring

TransfarringKonami has a magical new technology with which to tempt you.  Called transfarring, it allows players to transfer save game data back and forth between a Sony PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation Portable for games that exist on both platforms.  Where did this new science originate?  How does it work?  Over at GameSetWatch, Danny Cowan explains the secret history and guide to transfarring.

First discovered at Konami's Tokyo laboratories by Dr. Hideo Kojima, the "Transfarring" DNA inherent in all Konami games was isolated and extracted by top scientists earlier this year. Segments that were destroyed during the extraction were replaced with mosquito DNA strands, allowing the Transfarring gene to infiltrate Konami's in-progress game projects and imbue them with special Transfarring superpowers.

Among the creations infected by the rogue Transfarring agent were ambitious new developments like a compilation of two of the three good Silent Hill games, a compilation of three of the four good Metal Gear Solid games, and a compilation of two of the one good Zone of the Enders games. Fortunately, Konami's greatest creative minds were vacationing on their fifth year of a planned 30-year sabbatical, and no new intellectual properties were harmed or extant during Transfarring's sentient takeover.

Maybe I'm just punchy from the long trip to Los Angeles for E3 and the jet lag, but I thought this was hilarious.  There's so much truth buried in this satire opinion piece.  Consider it a palate cleanser before we dive into a week of hard news and speedy rumors.