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Sonic Generations Demo Available Now

Classic SonicIf you saw the videos and read the coverage of Sonic Generations from E3 this year, you may be eager to try the classic-style Green Hill Zone level to see if it compares with your memories and expectations.  If you have a Sony PlayStation 3 or Microsoft Xbox 360 then you won't have to wait much longer, as Sega is marking today's twentieth anniversary of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis with a special time-limited demo of the upcoming game. 

Available now through July 12 through the usual PS3 and X360 download channels, players can take Classic Sonic on a wild high definition 2D romp through Green Hill and make an early determination about whether or not the development team did Sonic right this time.  I played both the Classic and Modern Sonic Green Hill levels of the E3 Sonic Generations demo and came away extremely impressed, so I encourage you to try this demo for yourself and remember why Sonic was once a gaming force with which to be reckoned.  You'll forget all about the werehog in no time.  Don't hesitate though.  The demo will deactivate in a mere twenty days (even if you've already downloaded it), so get your Green Hill kicks while you can!