E3 2011: Uncharted 3 Cruise Ship Sequence Impresses
Power Button At E3 2011 - Episode 2: Press Conference Cavalcade

E3 2011: Day One

Stand by for action! E3 2011 kicks off today and I am geared up and ready to go like never before. I'll be sharing photos as the week goes on and posting articles more frequently than in previous years. For the first time I'm here at E3 as myself and Press The Buttons as opposed to other people and Kombo, so I'll be tracking down and trying out all kinds of things that in previous years I would have had to skip in favor of something from the assignment list. Today's agenda includes the Nintendo Media Briefing as well as an appointment with Majesco and some exploration around West Hall. Stick with me this week, gang. It's going to be a blast.