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Weekly Poll: Too Much Or Not Enough?

Weekly Poll for 4-30-2011It was almost a straight tie with last week's poll, but GLaDOS squeaked over the line by a tiny margin.  She does have some terrifically passive-aggressive dialogue in Portal 2, but for as much as I enjoyed her bitchy streak, I liked Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson to be even more entertaining.  Some of his prerecorded rantings came from completely out of left field as performed by the great J.K. Simmons, and from mantis men to the dangers of time travel paradoxes, Johnson's unique view on business and life really gave the game some extra character.  And then there's his dynamic view on lemons and the dangers regarding them.  I like this guy.  He says that we're all thinking!

Moving on, with the Sony PlayStation Network shutdown coming up on its second week soon, the company says that it expects to have everything back in working order soon.  However, there's still that pesky identify theft issue to handle.  Sony is preparing a "Welcome Back" make-good promotion that offers a free month of PlayStation Plus and a still-unannounced free PSN download to help make things all better, but is that enough?  Are you satisfied with this attempted repentance?  Let's hear your thoughts.