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Weekly Poll: PSP Revisited

Weekly Poll for 5-16-2011More than half of you have never bought a video game that requires an online pass.  As time goes on, I'd expect that number to decrease at the rate the industry is adopting the codes.  I have one game that requires the pass — Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit — and punching it in was painless.  However, had I not bought the game and rented it instead, I'd have been pissed at having core gameplay features locked out.  This is why I never bothered to rent the new Mortal Kombat or any other recent game that I have a cursory interest in playing, but am not going to kick in $60 to play on blind faith.  I'd rather not play the game at all rather than muddle through a purposely broken version of it.  If I miss out on something awesome, so be it.

Moving on, Sony has announced that it is launching a new banner under which select PlayStation Portable games will be remastered in high definition for use on the PlayStation 3.  First out of the gate?  Monster Hunter Portable 3rd from Capcom.  Assuming that there are more titles ahead for this program, are you generally interested in playing PSP games reworked for the PS3?  Let's hear your thoughts.