Power Button - Episode 51: The Road To E3 2011
Rockstar Offers Prepay Plan For Extra L.A. Noire Cases (Or, "You Can Play The Complete L.A. Noire")

Weekly Poll: Premium Elites


There's an overall lack of interest in revisited remastered Sony PlayStation Portable games for the PlayStation 3.  I would be interested in replaying a few choice PSP games in high definition on the big screen (Capcom's two Mega Man titles, Konami's Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles, etc.), but the big PSP exclusive titles that I'm sure will be targeted for this program such as Killzone and Resistance are so far off my radar that I can't see myself playing them in either form.   

Moving on to a more incendiary topic, Activision has announced that it's planning a monthly fee for an add-on service to its popular Call of Duty franchise.  It's not pay-to-play, mind you, but instead offers advanced statistical analysis and various DLC options among other things.  Will you be paying for Call of Duty: Elite?  Or is this completely not in your area of interest?  Let's hear your thoughts.