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Weekly Poll: Pay And Play And Pay

Weekly Poll for 5-09-2011No love out there for Assassin's Creed's Desmond Miles?  None at all.  I shouldn't be too surprised considering that players spend much less time with him than Altaïr or Ezio and he's kind of a jerk at times.  He's a well-meaning jerk, sure, but that doesn't win popularity contests.  My choice for favorite character from the franchise has to be Ezio.  I've seen most of his life play out over the course of the series so I feel as if I know him (as much as one can know a fictional character, anyway) and he's fighting for a righteous cause.  While originally rooted in selfishness, his mission has taken him into a grander place.  I almost wish that the franchise had dumped Altaïr and Desmond to the curb and focused on him as the primary protagonist.  The other assassins just slow me down.  Perhaps the upcoming Assassin's Creed Revelations will tie the whole package together in a satisfying way.

Moving on, we've talked about online passes before and how they lock off certain pieces of content behind an additional paywall.  Now that the passes have been out there for a while across a number of different titles, genres, and publishers, I want to know if you've purchased a game that requires one.  Did you do it without knowing what you were getting into?  Do you refuse to purchase them?  Or have you yet to encounter one?  Let's hear your thoughts.