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Sony Patents Portable Use For PlayStation Move

PSP MoveUsing your PlayStation Move is all well and good with your PlayStation 3, but what if you want to wave the motion controller around in front of a small portable system while on the go?  BYTE has uncovered a Sony patent that aims to bring the Move experience to the PlayStation Portable for some reason.  Sure, there's a camera missing from the equation that the Move needs in order to work, but common sense has never held back the true innovators.  Here's BYTE:

Currently, the PSPgo can actually make use of the PS3's Dualshock 3 controllers via Bluetooth. The only thing restricting it from functioning with PlayStation Move is the lack of a camera. Sony has killed off the PSPgo since the application was originally filed, but the idea was rather interesting, if you don't mind standing a few feet from a 3.8-inch screen. Though this stand was designed to move in order to keep the player within the camera's boundaries.

My guess is that the PSPgo in the patent is just a stand-in for the upcoming NGP which does, as you'll recall, include that vital camera.  Now, why you'd want to play a Move game on a PSP or NGP is beyond me, as it seems to me that either system's screen would be too small to be much fun when Move wands are shifting around in front of it.  Still, I'm glad to see that Sony is tinkering with new ideas regardless of rather or not they're actually practical.