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Sony Hacked Yet Again

Picard facepalmAnother setback for Sony today as it's been announced that hackers... you know what?  You don't need my little summary.  Without any explanation I'm sure you already kind of know what's happened.  Let's just jump right to the Reuters article.

So-Net, the Internet service provider unit of Japan's Sony, alerted customers that an intruder broke into its system and stole virtual points from account holders worth $1,225.  "What we've done is stopped the So-Net points exchanges and told customers to change their passwords," So-Net said in a statement to customers on its website in Japanese.

At least this time the damage is fairly localized, but still... enough!  No more of this!  The hackers have made their point.  Disrupting Sony services and stealing customer information have taught us all the true meaning of Christmas.  Can we get things back to normal now, please?