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Sonic Unleashed Speedrun Redefines Blast Processing

Sega's Sonic Unleashed for the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii has its share of issues (most of them occuring at night if you know what I mean), but that doesn't mean that speedrunners haven't maxed out what the game is capable of offering.  Here we have a quick trip through one of the game's stages from the high-end version of the title that brings the old blast processing gimmick to mind as Sonic zooms through obstacles and, at times, outside of the expected confines of the environment.  It's impressive stuff, but just be sure to turn that off awful music playing in the background that's not part of the game.  Why people feel the need to dub crappy music over a game's actual soundtrack in YouTube videos remains a mystery to me.

(via Reddit)