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Raptr Launches Personalized News Feed

RaptrVideo game community Raptr has a large foothold when it comes to video game players who swap and compare statistics, but now the site is moving deeper into the realm of news and social networking with the launch of its new personalized news feed.  Similar to a N4G, Reddit, or Digg-type site with a bit of Facebook thrown in, the new design allows users to submit favorite links for the community to see on a mass scale.  Those links are then voted up or down, and of course one can leave comments.  The interesting thing here is that users can follow certain topics (game titles, publishers, hardware, etc.) to call up a news listing that's tuned to one's own particular taste. 

Raptr now intelligently delivers the most relevant content based on the games and platforms you own, your recent gameplay, and what your friends are sharing. Raptr also helps players discover additional content by determining your gaming preferences, such as gaming genres, developers, and publishers that interest you. Users can submit and share a mix of content including news, videos, screenshots, status updates, and reviews.

Today, Raptr’s full feature set includes:
  • Personalized news feed
  • Community-curated content
  • Expanded topics to include all things related to gaming
  • Suggestion engine to help you discover new games
  • Automatic gameplay and achievements tracker on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Centralized buddy list and friend tracker
  • In-game chat and web browsing for PC games 

Press The Buttons is a launch partner for the new initiative and I've been mucking around in the closed beta for a bit, but this morning Raptr has turned on the new functionality for all of its users for the open beta.  Get on over to Raptr, check it out, and feel free to submit your favorite PTB links into the pool.