A Little Zelda Jazz, If You Please
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Ocarina Of Time 3D Trailer Shows Improved Adventure

Nintendo has definitely put a fresh coat of paint on its classic 1998 release The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS revival.  This Japanese launch trailer hit the Internet today which shows off many familiar locations and beloved characters in addition to upgrades to character models and the overall visual style.  The game launches next month, and goodness that seems ever so far away.  I'm looking forward to replaying it (last time I explored this iteration of Hyrule was 2003), but I certainly hope that the opening sequences pick up the pace this time around.  The largest obstacle I had to overcome when replaying last time was my boredom at having to tread lightly through tutorial hoops up to the reveal of the dungeon inside the Great Deku Tree.  Sometimes I miss the purity of the original Legend of Zelda titles; just give me a sword and a shield so I can get to Triforcing already!