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Sony Online EntertainmentSony is still working to recover from the last hack attack that made off with customer information, but that doesn't mean that the hackers have taken a holiday.  A new attack has resulted in 12,700 credit card numbers associated with Sony Online Entertainment accounts being swiped by nefarious people.  This impacts those who have accounts for games such as EverQuest, DC Universe Online, and Free Realms (among others).  It's not a good week to be Sony, while it's an even worse week to be a Sony customer.  Here's Joystiq with the bad news:

Following up on this morning's news that Sony Online Entertainment servers were offline across the board, Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports (via BGR) that the company has lost 12,700 customer credit card numbers as the result of an attack. The company apparently took SOE servers offline after learning of the attack last evening, but has yet to issue a statement confirming that customer information has been lost.

Of the 12,700 total, 4,300 are alleged to be from Japan, while the remainder's origins are unknown. The report also notes that most of the numbers are said to be from expired cards, which Engadget posits could mean this was simply stolen data from an old backup.

It's long past time for Sony to get its online security house in order.  The original PSN data theft was unacceptable, and now this latest attack is beyond the pale.  Even if the company was dense enough to be unaware of its target status in the hacker world prior to the last attack, they should have realized that other company divisions with similar operations would be on the hit list as well.  To not fortify SOE security before the worst could happen is a whole new level of negligence.  We'll have more on this new theft on Episode 48 of Power Button.