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Sonic The Hedgehog Skateboarding Title Discovered

Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog brand has seen its share of pitiful games, but it looks like we dodged a bullet when one that went unannounced during the early part of the past decade was quietly put to sleep.  An early in-progress version of a skateboarding title starring the blue blur, Sonic Extreme, has been found on a development Microsoft Xbox in which Sonic (and in two-player mode, Shadow) zip aro und a skate park and perform tricks.  Note that this is not the similarly titled and cancelled Sonic X-Treme from the Sega Saturn days; instead what we have here is something that could well be an early prototype of the concept that would become 2006's Sonic Riders.  The strange thing is that at face value this skateboard idea doesn't seem too horrible.  Sonic has branched into different genres just as Nintendo's own Mario has over the years, and putting Sonic on a skateboard is a much more natural choice than giving him a golf club or basketball.  Just the same, we're probably better off without it.  For more footage of Sonic Extreme, check out ProtonX3's YouTube account.