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When GLaDOS Met Garfield

While Valve's Portal 2 features plenty of well-written GLaDOS dialog, there are some unused statements from everyone's favorite passive-aggressive artificial intelligence resting in the data files of the PC version of the game that do not appear during the course of the game.  Most of these are incomplete leftovers from earlier versions of the story, but there's one instance of a complete exchange, and emmtee from MetaFilter took the time to stitch it together for our enjoyment.  The subject matter?  GLaDOS sends the cooperative mode's robot characters to search for artifacts from human civilization and ends up trying to understand a Garfield comic strip that was pinned to an Aperture Science employee's cubicle.  She can't find the humor in it any more than we humans can.  This leads her to rewrite the comic based on her own unique views on existence.  Her creation is no Garfield Minus Garfield, but it is a step up from what's published in the newspapers.