Nintendo Officially Announces Next Home Console
Power Button - Episode 46: Who's Ready To Make Some Science With Portal 2?

Weekly Poll: Three Of A Kind

Poll041811An overwhelming majority of you out there believe in some of the rumors about Nintendo's next home console.  With an official debut now announced for E3 this year, it won't be too much longer until we see which rumors are true and which will be, in hindsight, hilariously false.  I believe that some of them are true along with you and am eager to see how it all shakes out.  We live in very interesting times. 

Stepping back to something that's happening right now, Valve's Portal 2 has been an amazing gaming experience.  Part of the amazingness comes in the form of the game's three main characters beyond the protagonist: personality core Wheatley, ominous artificial intelligence GLaDOS, and the recorded voice of the posthumous Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson.  Which of these three is the most entertaining?  Who has the best dialog?  The best characterization?  The best personal path to redemption and/or defeat?  Let's hear your thoughts.  For more on Portal 2, be sure to listen to Episode 46 of Power Button.