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Power Button - Episode 45: Anonymous Sources Spill Nintendo's New Wii Secrets

Weekly Poll: Believe It Or Not

Weekly Poll for 4-11-2011Sonic's original design from the blast processing days of the Sega Genesis era is the preferred favorite among most of you out there, but the character's modernized reworking has fans of its own.  I prefer the original style, personally.  The 1999-present design is almost trying too hard to be cool and awesome.  They're both built for speed, but the original design is also built for fun.  He didn't need to constantly run his mouth to show how awesome he could be.  Present-day Sonic never shuts up to the point of annoyance at times.

Moving on, the end of last week saw a flurry of rumors hit the Internet regarding the alleged reveal of Nintendo's next home console.  Supposedly slated for E3 this year, the new machine brings Nintendo into the age of high definition visuals along with some far out ideas including a high definition screen embedded in the controller, motion controls, cameras, backward compatibility to the GameCube era, and much more.  It's all unsubstantiated rumor at this point as part of a news story that's become wilder all the time.  We tear into the hype on Episode 45 of Power Button, but I'm curious what all of you out there believe.  Do you think there's any truth to these rumors?  Let's hear your thoughts.